Visiting Old Friends

Seven weeks into the lockdown, we are all looking for “new content.” Even with a full cable “package” there are times when it seems there is nothing going on. My wife still enjoys talking to her mother each day, but with everyone confined to home the calls are shorter than before.

I suggested in an earlier post that it was a great opportunity to call or e-mail friends and colleagues. Just the act of “checking in” can brighten the day of all involved. It is amazing how a different perspective can get you past a mental roadblock or a bad mood.

You might also consider pulling an old reference book off the shelf and reviewing the lessons you learned long ago. A great client recently called with a questions about a piece of software they finally got around to buying. An hour of coaching helped him get comfortable with the new tool and opened his eyes to the improved productivity possible with a more modern methodology.

It also revealed some terminology issues and the limitations of the “old family recipe.” I have written before of the “rules” some shops have that are no longer valid but are still obeyed because no one has taken the time to review them. That “no time” excuse rings a bit hollow today.

My client had never gotten around to ordering the copy of Gear Design Simplified [Jones and Ryffel, Industrial Press] that I had suggested 2 years ago. It was there in his Amazon wish list; a push of the “order” button away from making his understanding of reverse engineering grow.

AGMA has a plethora of online courses that are also just a few clicks away. You may not develop actual super powers during this strange time, but you can come out of it much better equipped to get things done. Our archives will do their part, but much of our content requires a “prepared mind.”

Prepare now, prosper later.

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